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Nokia HERE maps apk download for android: Nokia recently announced that they are going to launch their maps for android smartphones. Well it is not like Nokia is switching to android devices. But they are just trying to increase their influence in all developing areas. Well Nokia HERE maps are still in their beta stage but unfortunately someone leaked Nokia HERE maps apk much before the official release. Get Nokia HERE maps beta apk free download for android in this post.

Brief description about Nokia HERE maps:

Nokia HERE maps are like Google maps that can help you to navigate across the world. Nokia HERE maps are still in their beta stage and their official release is not confirmed yet. Initially Nokia announced that HERE maps are exclusively for Samsung devices. But as maps are in apk format you can use them in any android device. Now, you ask why one should use Nokia HERE maps if they have Google maps in android.  Well the answer is Nokia HERE maps gives some amazing features which are totally absent in Google maps. Like, you can download cache files of map of entire city, state or country. This will help you to access maps in offline mod,e as well in places with no network connection.

Nokia HERE maps give users full navigation feature with turn by turn direction. You can use maps with voice command also.

I have tried leaked beta version of Nokia HERE maps in non Samsung device and I found them working great. You just need an android device with android version 4.0 and above. I have given the leaked apk file of Nokia HERE maps. You can download it at the end of the article.

Download Nokia HERE maps apk file for android:

How to install apk files in your android smart phone

  • Download Nokia HERE maps apk file from the link given below.
  • Once you have downloaded Nokia HERE maps apk file just click on the downloaded file and your android smart phone will automatically install apk file
  • If you have downloaded Nokia HERE maps beta apk in your pc transfer the file to your computer and install it by clicking on it.
  • I hope now you can download Nokia HERE maps from the apk file easily.


Do tell us about your experience with Nokia HERE maps beta version in the comment box below.

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