5 Best iOS Video Player Apps | iPhone & iPad 2022

Best Video Player apps for iPad or iPhone – Default iOS video player of iPad has a nice interface but it doesn’t contain all the advanced features which you want to be in a good Video player. Default Video player for iPad has some disadvantages over other third party media players like it doesn’t support multiple audio tracks, only supports mp4 videos and supports only hard coded subtitles.

If you don’t want to convert every video in mp4 format and then watch on your iPad then you should install other video player apps for iPad. There are many video player apps available for iPad on the app store. In this article we listed some best video players apps for iPad or iPhone you can try.

Definition of best changes from user to user. Some users want a player without ads, some want advanced features like ability to play multiple audio tracks and subtitle integration. Popular video players for iPad are paid but there are some free apps which provide you with all the features. So Without wasting time let’s take a look at the best video player apps for iPad and their features.

Top 5 iOS Video Player apps for iPad – Download

1. OPlayer Lite/ OPlayer HD Lite

It is one of the best media players for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. It boosts your iPad’s media abilities. You can also use this media player to stream audio and video over the internet. Oplayer supports all the video formats( except AC3 audio format) so there is no need to convert your videos into a particular format to watch them on ios video player.

oplayer lite media player
oplayer lite media player

Key Features:-

  • Multiple Audio track support
  • Built in browser
  • Resume function
  • Subtitles support
  • Create your own playlist

2. flex:Player: iOS Video Player

It is developed by Persona Software and compatible with iPad, Iphone and iPod Touch. Support MKV, AVI, WMV, VOB, DivX, Xvid formats. Can play HD video. This app is not completely free. You need to pay $7.99 to unlock some features.

flex:Player ios
flex:Player ios

Key Features:-

  • No ads
  • can play HD Videos
  • Resume function

3. RockPlayer2

It is the best iOS video player. This app gives almost all the features which you want in a good media player. Supports all the video formats. RockPlayer2 is available for free as an ad-supported universal app for the iPhone and iPad.

RockPlayer2 for ios
RockPlayer2 for ios

Key Features:-

  • Subtitles Support
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Audio Track support
  • Gesture control
  • Media file management
  • TV Support

4. PlayerXtreme

PlayerXtreme is a video player worthy of the elegant iPad. PlayerXtreme is able to run files in almost any video format. It also flawlessly plays h.264 video files. You can control subtitles, font size, track and language. It has the capability to boost volume up to 12 times the original sound for watching movies with headphones.

PlayerXtreme ios
PlayerXtreme ios

Key Features:-

  • Supports HD playback (in 1080p) for MP4, MOV and M4V.
  • Support .srt subtitles in almost all languages.
  • Boost volume upto 12 times the original sound for watching movies without headphones.
  • Set Passcode on your library to restrict anyone from accessing your folders/files.

5. HD Player

It is a simple Video player for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch which can play HD video files flawlessly. HD Player allows Wi-fi transfers too and the decoding is pretty good. Just like PlayerXtreme, this player also allows you to set passcode to the video files and supports all video and audio formats.

HD Player ios video player
HD Player ios

Key Features:-

  • Multi-core decoding.
  • iTunes & Wi-Fi file sharing.
  • Protect your videos with passcode.
  • Support Subtitles

EXTRA – CineXPlayer HD Video Player app for iPad

If you can spend a few dollars to get a perfect video player app for your iPad then you should go for CineXPlayer HD. It is currently the only leading app on the App Store which has error-free AC3 support. CineXPlayer was developed to be the hands-down best way for iPad owners to View, Store, and Manage their digital film library.

CineXPlayer has all the features that you want in a powerful media player but you have to pay $3.99 to get it.

CineXPlayer HD – Download

If your favorite video player app is not listed here you can tell us by commenting below. You can also share your view about which app works best for you. If you found this information helpful then do us a favor by subscribing to our site and get the exclusive stuff to your inbox directly.

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iOS video player app development is the process by which video player applications are created for Apple’s iOS operating system. The development process typically includes the design and development of user interfaces, the creation of video playback logic, and the implementation of any required features or functionality.

The first step in the development process is typically to design the user interface. This involves creating the screens that the user will see and interact with, and determining the layout and functionality of each screen. Once the user interface is designed, the next step is to develop the video playback logic. This involves creating the code that will play the video and control its playback. Finally, any required features or functionality must be implemented. This may include features such as AirPlay support, subtitles, and chapter navigation.

The iOS video player is a great tool that can be used to watch videos on your iOS device. It has a number of features that make it a great tool for watching videos, including the ability to play videos in a variety of formats, the ability to pause and resume playback, and the ability to navigate videos using the scrubber bar. The iOS video player also supports AirPlay, which allows you to stream videos to an AirPlay-enabled device.

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