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Fix can’t connect to camera error: Android is the biggest operating system nowadays. Android smartphones usually come in a number of varieties. One can find smartphones ranging from 5k to 5ok. Their hardware specifications are what creates such a difference in price. It’s not if you are using a high end smartphone then you won’t get any error or bug. Android smartphone users face a number of errors. In this post I have given a fix to one such error. Can’t connect to camera error in android smartphones and tablets.

Android smartphone cameras come with different softwares and features. One can see a lot of difference in stock android camera apps and others. But can’t connect to camera error is common in all of them. When you open the camera to take some pics it simply shows black screen with an error message saying it can’t connect to the camera and the app closes after this. Most of the time this error is caused due to buggy apps, mm qcamera daemon running in nexus devices or cache files present in your phone. So check out some best possible solutions

How to fix can't connect to camera error in android smartphones.

Best ways to fix can’t connect to camera error in android smartphones:

Just go through some of the methods given below I hope these methods will help you to remove camera issues in your phones and tablets.

Method 1 to fix can’t connect to camera error in android phones.

This method doesn’t require any special technique or softwares. Just close the camera or any other app which is causing camera error in your device. Then restart the app. Most of the time this method is sufficient to fix this error.

Recently I tried to launch camera through Whatsapp and it shows me error couldn’t connect to camera at that time. I just restart the app and error was gone. Camera works smoothly after that.

If you are not satisfied with above methods go through some other solutions.

Method 2 to remove phone could not connect to camera

Mmqcamera deamon is another trouble which can cause this error. But it is limited to Nexus devices only. Mmqcamera deamon not only cause this camera error but also cause battery drain.

So check if mmqcamera deamon is running and if running just exit the app. for this

go to Settings >> battery and check Mmqcamera deamon. Just exit the app and again try to open the camera. This method is best to fix camera problem in your android smartphone.

How to fix can't connect to camera error in android smartphones.

Method 3 to fix camera error in android smartphones and tablets

In this method just clear camera cache files and realunch camera or app which is showing error can’t connect to camera. To clear camera cache files Settings >> App >> search for camera and tap clear cache files.

By clearing cache files one can clear most of the android errors.

Method 4 to fix phone couldn’t connect to camera in android 

Just restart your smartphone. When you restart your device app running apps closed down automatically. This will fix down camera problem simply.

Surely methods given methods will help you to fix camera connection error in your android smartphones and tablets. But if you still feel any problem feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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