How to boost RAM in android phones without rooting [2022].

Boost RAM in android without rooting: In today’s mobile market one can find number of mobile phones. With various OS available nowadays android is leading all of them. Due to such large variety mobile devices have different hardware configuration. So if you are using android with less RAM or your OS is consuming excess of RAM then I have given some best android apps to boost RAM in your smart phones.

How to boost RAM in android phones without rooting.
How to boost RAM in android phones without rooting [2022]

Just go through the app listed below and choose which will suits you the best.  Some of the applications will require rooted device. While some will boost RAM in android without rooting. Apps are arranged as per their reviews and ratings in play store.


Best apps to boost RAM in android:

DU Speed Booster (optimizer): number 1 app in our list of best android apps to boost RAM in android. DU speed booster work excellently in most of the android smart phones and give its users. DU speed booster has number of features like smart RAM booster, cache cleaner, SD card cleaner and security feature. These modes will all the space occupied by unnecessary files and increase RAM of your android phone. DU speed booster inbuilt game booster to improve gaming performance, speed accelerator to run apps smoothly and security features.


Memory Booster: memory booster helps you to increase RAM in your android smart phones and tablets. This app comes in two variants one is free version and other one is pro which is paid. Like DU speed booster, memory booster will kill unwanted applications running in your device. You can check memory status and memory usage graph. Task killer will help to boost RAM of android without root. There is auto boost feature also. But it is available in pro-version only. So, check out the app in play store and use these amazing features.

Easy RAM Booster: Also one of the best app to increase RAM in android smart phones and tablets. To optimize the performance of the device easy RAM booster it uses special technology. Easy RAM booster automatically kills low priority tasks after every 2 hours. You will receive notifications once your phone runs out of memory. This app is must use for devices like Xiaomi Redmi 1s in which app crashes due to low RAM. Also you can choose which progRAM to kill and which should run.


Smart Booster: is also a free cleaning tool that will kill unnecessary applications and boost RAM in android. In this app RAM booster comes with auto boost. In auto boost it works in 4 modes. Aggressive (kill most of low priority apps), Strong (low priority apps as well that consumes some memory), medium (kill apps that consume unnecessary memory) and gentle (to kill apps that use considerable space). With such advanced features II can say smart booster will perform its duties very well.

How to boost RAM in android phones without rooting [2022]

Special Mention:

RAM booster: as the name suggests it will help you to boost RAM in your android phones and tablets. Well this app is placed last in our list of best android apps to boost RAM because it requires root. You need a rooted android device. If you are using rooted android phone then this applications will change the RAM configuration of your phone.

I hope you will like the best apps that can Boost RAM in android without rooting. If you are using any other app do tell us in the comment box below. Also ping us if you face any difficulty.

Thank You J

How to boost RAM in android phones without rooting

There are a few ways to boost the RAM on your Android phone, but most of them require rooting your device. If you don’t want to root your phone, there is a way to do it without rooting.
You can use a third-party app called RAM Booster to boost your RAM. This app is available for free on the Google Play Store.
RAM Booster is a simple, easy-to-use app that can speed up your phone by freeing up RAM. It works by closing down apps that are running in the background and not being used.
To use RAM Booster, just open the app and tap the Boost button. This will free up RAM and improve your phone’s performance.
You can also use the app to monitor your phone’s RAM usage. This can help you identify apps that are using too much RAM and causing your phone to run slowly.

How to clear boost RAM in android without rooting

There are many reasons why you might want to clear your phone’s RAM. Maybe your phone is running slowly and you want to give it a little boost. Maybe an app you’re using is causing problems and you want to troubleshoot. Or maybe you just want to free up some space.
Whatever the reason, clearing your RAM is a simple process. On Android, you can do it without rooting your phone. Here’s how:
1. Close any apps that you aren’t using.
The first step is to close any apps that you aren’t using. This will free up some of your phone’s RAM.
2. Go to your phone’s settings.
3. Scroll down and tap on “Storage.”
4. Tap on “Cached data.”
5. Tap on “OK.”

How to speed up android phone without rooting

There are a few ways to speed up your Android phone without rooting it. One is to use a third-party launcher, such as Nova Launcher or Action Launcher. These launchers are designed to be faster and more efficient than the stock launcher that comes with your phone. Another way to speed up your phone is to disable animations. Animations can make your phone feel slower, so disabling them can speed it up. To disable animations, go to Settings > Developer Options and toggle off the “Window Animation Scale” and “Transition Animation Scale” options. You can also speed up your phone by deleting unnecessary files and clearing your cache. You can delete files by going to Settings > Storage and selecting the “Used Space” or “Cached Data” tabs. You can clear your cache by going to Settings > Storage > Cached Data and selecting “OK.”

How to use RAM optimizer on android phone without rooting

RAM is a very important part of any android phone. It is used to store data that is currently in use by the phone. This data can include anything from app data to images. The more RAM your phone has, the more data it can store at one time. This can be helpful for high-end games that require a lot of data to be stored in order to run smoothly. However, not all phones come with a lot of RAM. If your phone has low RAM, you may need to use a RAM optimizer to help free up some space.
There are a number of RAM optimizers available for android phones, but not all of them are created equal. Some of them require you to root your phone in order to use them, while others do not. If your phone does not have a lot of RAM, it is best to use a RAM optimizer that does not require rooting. One such RAM optimizer is Clean Master.

How to free up RAM on android phone without rooting

1. Close all apps that are not currently in use.
If you have any apps that you’re not using, make sure to close them. This will help to free up some of your phone’s RAM.
2. Clear your phone’s cache.
Cache files can take up a lot of space, so it’s a good idea to clear them every once in a while. To do this, go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data and press OK.
3. Use a RAM cleaner app.
If you’re having trouble freeing up RAM on your own, you can try using a RAM cleaner app. These apps are designed to clean up your phone’s RAM and free up space.
4. Root your phone.
If you’re really desperate to free up some RAM, you can root your phone. This will give you access to deeper system settings that you can tweak to free up more RAM. However, How to boost RAM in android phones without rooting [2022].

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