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Fix error 495 in android phones: Android fans are increasing day by day. Most of its amazing applications are used by people all over the world for entertainment, social interactions etc. Developers are working hard to give users the best experience in terms of quality as well as in reliability. But still some bugs are left unnoticed and they trouble users in the form of errors. One such error is error 495. This error is most frequent during updating or downloading applications from Google play store. So just take a look at some possible solutions that can help you to fix error 495 in android phones.

Fix error 495 in android when downloading apps from Google play store.

I have also faced this error many times. Few days back I tried to install adobe from Google play store and after 90% completion an error message flashed showing unable to download apps from play store due to error 495. I visited various forums and collected the best possible solutions that could be helpful for all of you. Just read them below.

Fix error 495 in android smartphones:

Method 1 to resolve error 495 in android phones and tablets: This is the simplest of all the methods and believe me it most effective one also. Just clear play store cache file and then try to update or downloading that app.

For this open Settings >> All apps >> Google play store. Open Google play store and click on clear cache.

Also look for Google service framework and clear its cache also.

This is the best of all methods but if it doesn’t work then read other methods below:

Method 2 to fix error 495 in android smart phones and tablets: if clearing cache doesn’t work for you then you can remove your Gmail account, clear cache and data files and again login to your account. For this

To remove Gmail account

Settings >> Accounts. You will get the list of all possible accounts that are logged in. Select Google and then remove Gmail account

To delete cache and data files

Settings >> Apps. Under apps part you can see all the running applications. Force stop all of them. Now clear Google play store cache files and data files.

Once you have done this, re-add your Gmail account

Settings >> accounts >> Google and then add up your Gmail account.

Restart your device and then try to install or update the app which is causing error 495.

Method 3 to resolve error 495 when downloading or updating apps: Most of the times error 495 occurs when users are connected through Wi-Fi. This is because play store is blocking your ISP’s address. One best solution for this is download app called Wi-Fi fix from Google play store. It will fix all Wi-Fi issues in your device by changing your Wi-Fi country code.

But before downloading the app you must go through its details from the play store.

Method 4 to fix error 495 in android phones and tablets: I recommend you this method only if above methods doesn’t work.

To resolve error 495 you can reset your android device. Biggest disadvantage of this method is all your data will be lost. So if you are planning to reset your device just backup all your data before. To reset your device

Settings >> Account >> Reset and backup my data >> Rest my device.

Be sure to check all previous methods before opting for this.

Hope this post will help you to fix error 495 in your android phones. If you still have any doubts feel free to ask in the comments box below.

NOTE: any damage or lost of information done to your device while removing error 498 neither techdisko nor any third party app will be responsible.

Thank you.

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