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1.1. Real Cricket – A popular game for cricket enthusiasts

Cricket fans, rejoice! The immensely popular Real Cricket mobile game has made its way into the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. With its realistic gameplay, stunning graphics, and an array of game modes, Real Cricket has earned a reputation as the go-to cricket game for mobile devices.

1.2. Playing Real Cricket on PC & Mac

But what if you want to enjoy the game on a bigger screen with better controls? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to download and play Real Cricket on your PC or Mac, so you can take your cricket gaming experience to a whole new level.

Why Play Real Cricket on PC & Mac?

2.1. Bigger screen and better graphics

One of the main advantages of playing Real Cricket on a computer is the ability to enjoy the game on a larger screen. A bigger display provides a more immersive gaming experience, and the improved graphics capabilities of a PC or Mac will make the game look even more stunning.

2.2. Enhanced control options

Playing Real Cricket with a keyboard and mouse, or even a game controller, can give you more precise control over your gameplay. This can be especially helpful when it comes to batting, bowling, and fielding, as it allows you to execute your strategies with greater accuracy.

2.3. Multi-tasking capabilities

Another benefit of playing Real Cricket on a computer is the ability to multi-task. You can easily switch between apps, browse the internet, or chat with friends while playing the game. This can be particularly useful during longer matches or while waiting for your turn to bat or bowl.

Download & Installation Guide

3.1. Choosing an emulator

To play Real Cricket on your PC or Mac, you’ll need to download and install an Android emulator. This software allows you to run Android apps and games on your computer. Some popular emulators include BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and MEmu.

3.2. Installing the emulator

Once you’ve chosen an emulator, download the installer from the official website and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer. Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for the emulator to ensure optimal performance.

3.3. Installing Real Cricket

After installing the emulator, launch it, and sign in with your Google account. Then, open the Google Play Store and search for “Real Cricket.” Click on the game and hit the “Install” button. Once the game is installed, you can launch it from the emulator’s home screen and start playing!

**Playing Real Cricket on PC & Mac**

4.1. Controls and settings

Upon launching Real Cricket on your emulator, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls and settings. Most emulators allow you to customize the keyboard and mouse controls to suit your preferences. You can also adjust the graphics settings to optimize the game’s performance on your computer.

4.2. Game modes and features

Real Cricket offers a variety of game modes to keep you entertained, such as Quick Match, Tournaments, and Test Matches. You can also choose from different teams and customize your players to create your dream cricket team. Additionally, the game features realistic stadiums, dynamic weather conditions, and authentic cricket equipment, making for a truly immersive experience.

4.3. Tips and tricks for success

To excel at Real Cricket, practice is key. Spend some time honing your batting and bowling skills in the game’s practice mode. Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

  • Focus on timing when batting, as well-timed shots can result in more powerful hits.
  • Be strategic with your bowling and try different types of deliveries to outsmart your opponents.
  • Pay attention to field placements and make adjustments as needed to optimize your team’s performance.
  • Remember to save your progress and achievements by connecting your game to your Google Play account.


Playing Real Cricket on your PC or Mac is a fantastic way to enjoy this popular game on a bigger screen with enhanced controls. By following this top guide, you’ll be able to download, install, and play Real Cricket on your computer with ease. So gear up and get ready to experience the thrill of cricket like never before!


  1. Is Real Cricket free to play on PC and Mac?

Yes, Real Cricket is free to download and play on your computer using an Android emulator. However, the game does offer in-app purchases for various features and upgrades.

  1. Can I play Real Cricket offline on my PC or Mac?

Yes, you can play Real Cricket offline on your computer. However, you will need an internet connection for initial setup, downloading the game, and accessing online features.

  1. Can I use a game controller to play Real Cricket on my computer?

Yes, most Android emulators support game controllers, allowing you to play Real Cricket with your preferred gaming device. Check the emulator’s documentation for instructions on setting up a controller.

  1. How do I update Real Cricket on my PC or Mac?

To update Real Cricket, open the Google Play Store within your Android emulator and navigate to the “My apps & games” section. If there’s an update available, click the “Update” button next to Real Cricket.

  1. Can I transfer my Real Cricket progress from my mobile device to my PC or Mac?

Yes, by connecting your game to your Google Play account, you can sync your progress across devices, allowing you to pick up where you left off on your computer.

Real Cricket for PC
Real Cricket for PC
Download & Play Real Cricket for PC & Mac 
Download & Play Real Cricket for PC & Mac 
How to download and install Real Cricket on PC or Mac

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