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Fix can’t connect to internet with Wi-Fi in android: According to a recent survey, number of internet users will grow up 50% more in nest three years. All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for providing people internet access at an affordable price. But the scene doesn’t end here. With the increase in internet users, the number of smartphones will also shoot up in the next few years. Surely android is dominating in all smart phones and scenario will remain same. So with internet connection and smart phone one will use Wi-Fi. But still quality of Wi-Fi is not obvious. Many times users face problems connecting with the internet or poor signal strength when using Wi-Fi in android smartphones.

I am receiving emails from nay saying that they are facing problems connecting their smart phones with Wi-Fi. They are like:

”Signal strength is low when using Wi-Fi in my Samsung tab”

“Whenever I try to connect my Sony Xperia it shows error obtaining IP address”

”Authentication error issues with my Wi-Fi”

So if you are one of them then you must go through this post on how to fix can’t connect to the internet with Wi-Fi in android smartphones.

Fix can't connect to internet with Wi-Fi in android smartphones.

Fix can’t connect to internet with Wi-Fi in android smartphones and tablets:

Below I have given some possible solutions that could help to resolve your problem connecting with internet using Wi-Fi in android smart phones.

Method 1 to fix can’t connect to internet with Wi-Fi in android:

Well if you are unable to connect your smart phone with Wi-Fi there could be several reasons behind it. If you have recently installed any app then it is possible that app is causing trouble. So try to uninstall any recently installed app. You must also clear all cache files. To clear cache files

Settings >> applications >> you can see all installed apps. Clear cache files one by one.

Also you can use any cache cleaner like clean master etc.

Most of the time first method will work for you but other alternatives are given below

Method 2 to fix problem connecting with internet when using Wi-Fi in android smart phones:

It is possible that you are using any older version of browser or system. So update your system or browser and then try to connect with internet.

Fix can't connect to internet with Wi-Fi in android smartphones.

Method 3 to resolve Wi-Fi issue in android

When you connect your device to internet through Wi-Fi first authentication takes place then Device will obtain IP address to establish the connection.

If you are facing authentication error then I suggest you to follow these steps

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi.
  • Now put your phone on airplane mode.
  • Again try to reconnect with wi-fi.

Hopefully this method will resolve the authentication error.

If you are facing error obtaining Ip address error then

Read How to fix error obtaining IP address in Wi-Fi

I hope these three methods will help to fix Wi-Fi connection issues in your android smart phones and tablets. If you still face any problem feel free to ask in the comments box below. Do subscribe us for more wonderful posts and articles.

Thank You.

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